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Buenos dias amigos! Today we're talking about something other than lettering.

Today we're talking S K I N  C A R E .


I asked a while back on my instastory if you wanted to see my skin care routine and I received a significant amount of "HELL YES!" so here we are. It's been mostly as of late that I've been receiving loads of compliments on my skin. Of course that's because I recently changed, and by "recently changed" I mean that I'm actually trying, my skin care routine. 

It all started when I touched my face one day after wiping off an e.l.f. BB cream I used as foundation. Sometime during the holidays, I'm not sure exactly why or when it happened but I felt that the BB cream was so damn thick and it made my face feel caked on. After I wiped it off I could see how bad the skin on my cheeks got, how it looked and felt like I was getting rosacea. I mean, I always have rosy cheeks but it was starting to feel rough and patchy and I was not happy with how I was looking without my "caked on" makeup. 

In December I decided, "FUCK THIS. I'm getting a facial." and reached out to a girl I went to high school with who is now an esthetician at Caudalie in CityCenter DC, Margy. (If anyone in the DC area is looking for an amazing esthetician, let me know and I'll link you with Margy!) Originally, I was scared to do a facial because so many people I know were telling me their first facial horror stories and I was just like what the hell people...why are you telling me this??? Anyways, I went and it was one of the most calming, rejuvenating, soothing experiences I've ever had in my life. MY LIFE, you guys. The overall experience was beyond amazing and I felt an instant boost in my confidence that my skin was on the road to recovery. I ended up buying half the shop in products to start getting my skin's shit together. 

So let's start. 

Here is my bare skin today. This photo is untouched, unedited. Feel free to zoom in and take in all that glowing glory.


I'd also like to take this time to note that nothing in this post is sponsored. I've paid for all the products shown. (Although, I would be down to be sponsored LMFAO. Caudalie...please? No? Oh, okay...)

**Back to your program**

I wish I had taken a before picture so you guys could see how rough my skin had become. Disgustingly, I had massive pores and tiny little whiteheads and blackheads all over my forehead, chin, and nose. It was a disaster of a situation. So below are the steps I do every morning and night. 

Step 1: Face Wash

I've been using the CeraVe cleanser for about 5 years and it's probably the most thorough cleanser I've ever used. It takes away all the oils and makeup on my face while being super gentle. Note: I have normal to oily skin. I recently started to switch to Kiehl's on recommendation but the results have only been so-so. Some days it felt like my face was tightening up, others it felt like I was getting little whiteheads again. It's pretty rough around the eye area as well, while CeraVe has never irritated my eyes. This week I actually stopped using Kiehl's and went back to strictly CeraVe. I'll use Kiehl's as a backup. I was told to never use a cleanser that has beads in it - so don't. It'll ruin your skin. Both CeraVe and Kiehl's are clear cleansers, something to definitely look for in a good cleanser. 

Now onto the fun part. 

Here's the skin care crew. They hangout in the bathroom! Oh, fun!


Step 2: The Solution / Vinoperfect Essence

I was using the Vinoperfect sample for a while and planning on buying the full size until Glossier launched their Solution. The trial prior to the official product launch was with I think about a dozen folks and every one of them said their skin dramatically improved. The before and after pictures definitely helped to sell me on it. I bought the solution and followed directions - apply once a day via cotton pad after face has been washed. A few days later I could see my pores had greatly shrunk. Pure magic. 10/10 do recommend. 

Not only does Solution help with pores, it has also reduced the redness on my cheeks. Vinoperfect helped smooth my rough skin, but unfortunately did not help with the redness. If only these two products could would truly be perfect for my skin situation.

Step 2.5: Micellar Water

For mornings when I've showered the night before, I put some micellar water on a cotton pad and wipe my face to start my day feeling fresh. It's great as a quick cleanser to wipe away any dirt on your face. It works as a makeup remover as well but I never use it for that feels like I really have to rub my eyes if I'm using it for that reason. (I'm heavy on the mascara) The skin around my eyes are delicate enough as is so I don't want to be extra rough on it. I use makeup wipes (whatever target has, I'm not picky haha) or my facial cleanser to remove makeup. 

Step 4: Grape Water

Caudalie Grape Water - $18

Caudalie Grape Water - $18

Just MIST. THAT. SHIT. ALL. OVER. YOUR. FACE. (each period is actually a clap - it's that serious, ya'll) Grape Water is a great way to add instant hydration to your face and neck. You can use this at any time of day.

I should also add here that your neck skin care is just as important...don't ignore it or else when you get older your neck will look like a week old arby's roast beef sandwich. Not pleasant. I don't use solution or micellar water on my neck, but starting here with the grape water going forward everything goes on my face and neck. 

Step 5: The Elixir

I'm at the very end of this limited edition bottle (I think the only difference between the limited edition and the normal elixir is that the bottle has gold details instead of silver) BUT NEVER FEAR, I have my next bottle of elixir ready for use! This was the first product I ever used from Caudalie - actually a recommendation from my extremely adorable Starbucks barista turned friend, Nelia. She's a French Canadian goddess and has perfect skin. She says it's due to this beauty elixir so, naturally, I had to give it a go! The product sold me enough to realize how shitty my skin was and how badly I was treating it and then went to get the facial that truly became a game changer. I spray this directly after grape water and let them both sink into my skin before going further.

Step 6: Moisturizer

Another one of the first Caudalie products I've tried. I ordered one of those little travel sets that came with 5 samples of Caudalie's best sellers and this was in it. I also watched a few review videos on the product and loved how people were describing this. It's like an instant refresher, as most Caudalie products are. As soon as it touches your skin, it starts to turn into like a water-like texture (most Caudalie products are grape water based) and melts right into your skin. It's so smooth and helps gives your skin that baby bottom feel. I absolutely LOVE this product. Whatever's leftover on my hands I rub into my cuticles. 

Whenever it's ridiculously dry out and my skin feels extra tight and dry, I use Glossier's Priming Moisturizer ($22). I have to be careful when I use it though because if I use too much of the product, I break out in little whiteheads all over my forehead. This happened more so when I was using the Jelly Cleanser (not linking this because I'm not a fan), something I personally do not recommend due to the extreme lack of result, the weird texture, and the oily residue left behind after use. I tested this when I bought their Phase 1 Set. The moisturizer is decent, but thick, so for me not something I'd use everyday.

Step 7: Eye Cream

This is part of one of Caudalie's newer lines. It's helped dramatically improve the redness around the outer corners of my eyes. I tend to rub my eyes there most, especially when I wear winged liner, so it's taken some damage over the years. It's helped with some of my under eye discoloration, but nothing too dramatic. Typically coffee helps that more than anything It may be expensive, but a little goes a long way. I've had this sample since my facial back in December and it's still more than halfway full. 

Step 8: Lip Care


Glossier Balm DotCom - $12

Dry, crusty lips is one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm not sure how people let it happen and how they're okay with having dry, cracked lips. Ugh, ew. This balm dotcom is the perfect size for on the go and an easy product. I got fancy recently and bought a scented trio. 


Balm DotCom Trio - $30

I'm not going to lie, I bought the trio because I couldn't decide on a scent...I wanted them all. As of now, I think my fav is the mint. It feels extra refreshing. I can't wait to take the coconut balm to Costa Rica in March though :) 

I'm very, V E R Y ready for vacation.


Step 9-ish: Night Care

Occasionally when my face is feeling extra lame, mostly when my pores are looking large, at night I'll use this instead of a moisturizer after I spray both the grape water and elixir as my overnight treatment. I don't use it every night, but my skin does look better after each morning. 

Step 10: A Good Foundation

Clinique Even Better Glow - $28  / My shade is WN 22 Ecru

Clinique Even Better Glow - $28 / My shade is WN 22 Ecru

As important as skin care is, I think it's equally as important to use a good foundation if you're looking to have great, flawless skin. As I stated earlier I used to use e.l.f. BB cream as a foundation because it was cheap ($6), doubled as a sunscreen (SPF 30), and it covered up my horribly red skin. Honestly, I was just adding fuel to the fire. This Clinique Even Better Glow foundation was recommended by a fellow letterer I've looked up to for years, Jasmine Dowling. She is amazing. Definitely check her out. 

Back to this foundation, it's a light to moderate coverage and lets your natural skin shine through. It's honestly one of the best makeup products I've ever used. I haven't broken out since I've started using it. 12/10 do recommend. It truly does wonders.

Step 11: All Body Skin Care

Nivea Oil Infused Lotion - Vanilla & Almond Oil - $5.49

Nivea Oil Infused Lotion - Vanilla & Almond Oil - $5.49

I lather the rest of my body with this lotion. It smells absolutely divine. While it's oil infused, it doesn't leave that thick, oily feeling after it's fully rubbed in. It helps my body feel silky smooth and after that I'm ready to go for the day! 

And that's about it! It's a lot of steps, but after a while you get used to the routine. Now it just happens naturally. If you couldn't tell, my favorite skin care lines are Caudalie and Glossier, but never fear, you guys, it may change again! I've got loads of sample products to test out so we'll see! 


Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below! I'm always looking for new products to test out :)

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Thanks everyone! xx - c

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