2018 update - the move & #thejustmarriedjacketdc

hey, guys! it’s definitely been a while…the last post i wrote was back in march. MARCH. a lot has happened since then, and it’s time to share where i’ve been.

in january i moved from the dc metro area to new jersey right outside of philadephia. it was fun moving away from where i grew up, but unfortunately in early july, i had to move back. it was a rather abrupt move…not completely my decision, but definitely necessary. though it was not the most ideal situation, at least it was a learning experience. i got to see what it’s like not living where i grew up, constantly being around people i knew, places i’ve been. it was eye opening. refreshing. don’t get me wrong, i am very glad to be back with my friends and closer to what family i have, but new places are always fun. so yeah, i’m back in good ol’ virginia. back to my roots…and i’m here to stay.

as most of you, my ps darlings, are aware, i am part of #thejustmarriedjacket movement originated by the extremely talented @viacalligraphy. i requested to join the badass tribe prior to my move so i was the original #thejustmarriedjacketdc owner, but of course that changed when i was in the philly area. since coming back to the dc i changed the jacket back to #thejustmarriedjacketdc and have had a few brides become part of the sisterhood! stay tuned to see some blog posts from my first two dc brides :)

photo:  kir2ben

photo: kir2ben

i understand i have been pretty mia on my postskript accounts, my website included, but that’s because i’ve been taking the time to reflect and focus on self care. i found a job pretty quickly coming back to va. i found a beautiful apartment to live in with one of my best friends. i figured some friendships out. i have been taking time to just sit and breathe and really do nothing and just enjoy being in the moment. i think it’s important to disconnect sometimes and just self reflect. but never fear, come the new year i will be back and better than ever! (and my workshop will become a reality, i promise)

until the new year xx c

romantic valentine's day styled shoot

i was recently part of my first styled shoot since moving to the greater philadelphia area. this shoot was inspired by the simplest definition of romance,

v a l e n t i n e ' s   d a y .

i remember before i even moved to new jersey browsing local philadelphia photographers in the same creative group i'm part of and that's where i found jess palatucci 

her work is amazing and her shooting style fits the same vibe i'm going for. a match made in heaven. here are some photos she took from the romantic styled shoot! i'm OBSESSED with how they turned out!

table details
scroll detail
desserts detail

aren't they all beeauuutiful??? i seriously loved all the styling put into this shoot. her studio is absolutely to die for. such a big fan of the light rustic tones! these details could not have been more perfect had it not been for all the awesome vendors!

special thanks to:

Photography & Styling | Jess Palatucci  - @jesspalatucci

Hair Stylist | @loritopknothair

MUA | Underground Artistry@underground_artistry

Bridal Shop | Vesa Brides - @vesabrides

Dress Designer | Calla Blanch - @callablanchedress

Shoes | House of Elliot - @houseofelliotlaceboots

Suit | Weitzenkorn's

Florals | RAM - @ramfloral

Cake & Desserts | @lysascaketique

Laser Cut Signage | Ever Laser - @everlaser

Ring Boxes | The Mrs Box - @the_mrs_box

Invitation Suite | East and West Designs - @eastandwestdesigns

Ribbon | A Ribbons Nest - @aribbonsnest & Honey Silk Co - @honeysilksco

Jewelry | L Priori - @lpriorijewelry

Rentals | Party Rental LTD - @partyrentalltd

Vintage Rentals | Lilac and Lace Co - @lilacandlaceco

Calligraphy | Postskript - @postskriptco

Couple | Julie Floro Photography - @julieflorophotography & @wearenothingwithoutbrotherhood

coming soon: the ps alphabet

bonjour mon petit ps darlings! 

i hope everyone's had a fantastic start to their new year! i know i have. i've given myself plenty of work to do to further my business dreams. in the simplest of terms, i'm creating my own brush lettering alphabet, specifically so i'm able to host lettering classes someday in the not so distant future.

i've wanted to do this basically since i created postskript. there were a few minor setbacks towards the beginning: being unknown in the industry, lack of material knowledge, and a massive fear of public speaking. that last one is the only thing still truly in my way...i am absolutely horrible in front of crowds (unless, of course, i want attention lol). 

the true adventure in this began just yesterday when i stumbled upon an old sketchbook ian's mom got me for holiday a few years back. it's very simple with blank beige textured paper. i originally started sketching in it as a minimal illustrations book. as you can see it's dated 2015-2016.


and after about 25 small illustrations, naturally, i stopped the project. i did do a little big of mandala like drawings after that but then the book was lost. after finding it during my move from virginia, i stored it in one of my ps materials bin and picked it up yesterday before exploring a local coffee shop. 

i feel that after a year of postskript being more than just a hobby, but a career that will be thriving, i have finally found my style of writing. it's after hours and hours put in practice, learning from trial and error, that i found postskript for what it truly is - its very own scripture. and thus the ps alphabet was born! (this was to be read in the same voice as the powerpuff girls being born...you know, like in the theme lol) 

letters "a", "b", and "c" have been completed and "d", "e", and "f" will be completed later today. i will try to keep up on my instagram stories as much as i can. for now, this is what it looks like:


to write the ps alphabet, i'm using my trusty tombow fudenosuke hard tip brush pen. it's my favorite thing to letter with! the tombow dual pen is fun to write with too, but only if you're writing on large surfaces. i typically write on small paper so the fudenosuke works a lot better for me. 


that's all i have so far! i've got a while ways to go, but at least the project has officially begun! the next step after writing out the ps alphabet is to figure out how to digitalize it so i can get it printed on sheets. i was going to buy the apple pen and use procreate until i found out that the apple pen is not compatible with the ipad air 2, which is what i have. so if anyone out there has recommendations, feel free to leave a comment below or dm me on my instagram account: @postskriptco 

thanks everyone for your continued support! 

xx c