2018 update - the move & #thejustmarriedjacketdc

hey, guys! it’s definitely been a while…the last post i wrote was back in march. MARCH. a lot has happened since then, and it’s time to share where i’ve been.

in january i moved from the dc metro area to new jersey right outside of philadephia. it was fun moving away from where i grew up, but unfortunately in early july, i had to move back. it was a rather abrupt move…not completely my decision, but definitely necessary. though it was not the most ideal situation, at least it was a learning experience. i got to see what it’s like not living where i grew up, constantly being around people i knew, places i’ve been. it was eye opening. refreshing. don’t get me wrong, i am very glad to be back with my friends and closer to what family i have, but new places are always fun. so yeah, i’m back in good ol’ virginia. back to my roots…and i’m here to stay.

as most of you, my ps darlings, are aware, i am part of #thejustmarriedjacket movement originated by the extremely talented @viacalligraphy. i requested to join the badass tribe prior to my move so i was the original #thejustmarriedjacketdc owner, but of course that changed when i was in the philly area. since coming back to the dc i changed the jacket back to #thejustmarriedjacketdc and have had a few brides become part of the sisterhood! stay tuned to see some blog posts from my first two dc brides :)

photo:  kir2ben

photo: kir2ben

i understand i have been pretty mia on my postskript accounts, my website included, but that’s because i’ve been taking the time to reflect and focus on self care. i found a job pretty quickly coming back to va. i found a beautiful apartment to live in with one of my best friends. i figured some friendships out. i have been taking time to just sit and breathe and really do nothing and just enjoy being in the moment. i think it’s important to disconnect sometimes and just self reflect. but never fear, come the new year i will be back and better than ever! (and my workshop will become a reality, i promise)

until the new year xx c