postskript is designed to each individual's wants & desires. let ps put the final touches on your event!

postskript was created to bring the extra element needed to make your special event complete. ps customizes each chalkboard, window pane, or mirror piece with permanent ink to the client's standards all while bringing a unique, rustic vibe .

where did postskript get it's name?

let's say you write a letter. after you finish you realize you wanted to end it with something else and so you write a p.s. note at the bottom.

that is exactly what postskript is - the final touch for your event or home.


cecillia lin

owner & hand letterer


hey! i'm cecillia lin - also goes by cecil or cece. during the day you can find me being an awesome executive assistant, and at night you can find me creating for you! that or snuggling up and watching ID channel. fatal vows anyone? 

since i've always thrived to help people in anyway i can, i decided to take my creative skills to make people's special events just that - special. whether it's for a wedding, a shower celebration, a gala, or even just home decor - i want to help create something beautifully unique just for you! 

i feel so lucky to help inspire and capture your special moment - giving your event that extra somethin' somethin'. i hope we can work together soon! xx - C